Most embarrassing moments for all Pakistanis when our leaders made blunders

Are you expecting to see Nawaz Sharif video? Well, yes, you will definitely see him in the videos but surprisingly it is not only Nawaz Sharif who has embarrassed us on the face of the world but numerous others as well.  The list includes Nawaz Sharif (of course), Yousaf Raza Gillani and Asif Ali Zardari. The videos below will leave you in shame:

1 – Nawaz Sharif at World Economic Forum answering questions in poor English and in a confusing state. On most of the occasions, he couldn’t understand the question from the host and asked her to repeat.

2 – Nawaz Sharif again but this time in front of Obama. He kept on reading from the piece of paper while Obama waited for him to finish and in the end, our ex-prime minister said one of the stupidest things one can imagine.

3 – Yousaf Gaza Gilani interview with CNN journalist Becky Anderson where he answered questions wrong and irrelevant to what he has been asked for. He was even insulted by the journalist.

4 – Asif Ali Zardari as a president of Pakistan wear jeans on an official tour.


When our beloved 10% Asif Ali Zardari was head of the state wore a casual white shirt with dark blue jeans, instead of a formal suit and tie on such a serious official trip to the USA.

And many more embarrassing moments are all over the internet. These are just a few to make my point.

The purpose of writing this article is to remind all Pakistanis that why this embarrassment is due to lack of our actions. Why we Pakistanis are responsible for these embarrassing moments. Why did we vote for PPP or PML-N? Why a capable person like Imran Khan is still not our prime minister. We need to realize that it’s time to take stand for people who can make our country image better. Stop complaining about your passport or how we are treated in middle eastern countries. You need to support the right political party whose leader can defend your country or at least who can speak.