Mr Scrubs, Pakistanis are anxiously waiting for your arrival

Mr. Scrubs is busy giving lectures on Twitter. He has still not returned to his beloved country to save it from his supernatural powers in ‘Naya Pakistan’.

His sermons on twitter usually start with the term ‘Pakistanio’ just like his leader. Another thing similar between the two is ‘talk big and then retract’. Pakistanis are consistently mocking Mr. Scrubs, asking him about his return to Pakistan.

If you guys remember the above video, you’d know about Mr. Scrub’s announcement of leaving everything and coming to Pakistan with his family. But after more than a month, there are no signs of him returning.

We found out from a tweet below, Mr. Scrub will go back to Pakistan in November. Let’s see if he returns or keeps on bullshitting.

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Some of the replies on Mr. Scrub’s twitter account are hilarious. Here is one example.

People have been asking only one thing from Mr. Scrubs, and that is his return.

‘Naya Pakistan’ needs you, Mr. Scrubs! Come back as soon as possible.