Mubashar Luqman calls Shahbaz Sharif, Shehnaz Sharif!

Maintaining his usual controversial style Mubashar Luqman shocked the world when in a talk show he was shown the video of Shahbaz Sharif’s pre-election slogans of ending load shedding in six months.

He stated that Shahbaz Sharif had said that I will either end load shedding in six months or you can change my name than now what should we name him. ‘‘Shouldn’t we name him Shehnaz Sharif now’’ he said.

Further elaborating he said many of the caretaker ministers had become federal minister, now where else in the world would you see this happening that people who were supposed to bring in the next government instead become a part of that government. This shameless attitude is prevalent only in our country.

Bravo Mubashar you do scare the shit out of many!