Narendra Modi: From tea boy to India’s leader

Narendra Modi a phenomenon which has taken by storm the world’s most populous nation. Who is this man, Godfather of terror or a messiah of development? Mass murderer or a champion of people’s rights? A sign of peace or a harbinger of war?

Born into a low class Hindu family six decades ago he slowly made his way upwards in the society beginning from working in a tea shop to making his way to the slot of chief minister of Gujarat. From being a lowly wanderer to defeating the deeply entrenched Nehru Gandhi dynasty of India this man has achieved it all.

A man without any family, without any allegiance and most importantly for India without any trace of corruption, today he stands out among the politicians of India. A man who by mere mention of his name is able to spark mystery and fear among masses and neighbor’s alike. Who is this man and what is his ideology? What are his methods and what is his policy?

These are some questions which we better leave to time for mystery  Modi is yet to unravel. Until than we wish Indians luck in their endeavor to find a new leader. One with both ambition and ability so that his coming can be a god omen for the poor of India