Nawaz Sharif Reduced Oil Prices! Seriously?

It’s a common site nowadays to see a beaming Nawaz Sharif. After all why not, dharnas were a fiasco, Imran Khan’s political energies are all but spent and of course he has the achievement of reducing petroleum prices to his name.

Yet seriously Nawaz Sharif was it you that reduced oil prices. Let’s analyse some of the main facts related to the reduction in oil prices

Fact 1: There has been a reduction in oil prices globally Nawaz Sharif. You merely just passed on the buck of lower global oil prices to the masses. Infact there has been a reduction of 58% in global prices. Have you decreased the oil prices similarly? No

Fact 2: Though you reduced the oil prices this weekend but at the same time you increased sales tax on all petroleum products. What is going to be the net benefit of that to the people Nawaz Sharif?

Fact 3: The real benefit to the aam aadmi is going to be when you pass on the benefit of reduced oil prices to the masses in terms of reduced prices of other commodities as well including the essential foodstuffs. So far only the profit margins of a few businesses seem to be increasing. If you manage to do this than bravo!

Fact 4: Your mismanagement of government affairs can be gauged from the fact that you failed to foresee a rise in oil demand after reduction in fuel prices.

Kudos Nawaz Sharif for having reduced oil prices. Maybe if another government was in power they might not have done so yet still a lot of work remains to be done before people can gain actual relief and being a statesman and a national leader you should ensure that that does happens.