Only Political Engineers supported PTI: PM Imran Khan

While speaking at a convention to mark the 22nd anniversary of PTI, Prime Minister Imran Khan made an honest statement: “No general supported me or my party, in fact, it was the role of political engineers that helped us win the elections”.

“I was blessed with everything a person can ask for – fame, money, and handsomeness. But there was one thing Imran Khan was very desperate about and that was becoming the Prime Minister Select of Pakistan”, Khan further said.

“All the bad things or poor performance of the incumbent government is to be blamed squarely on the opposition whereas if Pakistani Cricket team wins the 2019 Cricket World Cup, my ministers will rightly credit the victory to my good looks”, he added.

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“The youth of Pakistan must know that I’m busy creating Naya Pakistan on the model state of Madina. And that is exactly why I’m living in my 300 kanals Banigala mansion to show my simple nature and great leadership”, PM Imran said.

Imran Khan went on boasting himself but there was no mention of Asad Umar – The former Finance Wizard of PTI.

Lastly, there was no mention of Jangla bus BRT Peshawar. And you know why!

(Disclaimer: This piece was a Political Satire)