Pakistan has to brutally deal with terrorism before it’s too late

No matter how nice it is to see our government finally getting down to the business of dealing with terrorism the international community which has a part in creating this crises seems to have a problem with it.

Not surprisingly as the first of the terrorists were sent to the gallows it was none other than the UN’s sweet old strongman, Mr. Ban Ki Moon who first raised his voice against this. Well given Mr. Moon’s past record in dealing with global conflicts though, hardly anybody takes him seriously.

Than it was the EU’s term, the self-proclaimed guardians of human dignity though if their biggest allies in US kill or torture a few soldiers in Guantanamo, they can be an exception.

Not to anybody’s surprise, protests from US too came though seeing US’s own track record in human rights in the last few years, it’s debatable whether those protests should be considered just a diplomatic norm or America’s genuine concern for some wild old mullahs who only a few years ago were being groomed by our beloved Yankees against the nasty Russians. And to Pakistan’s defense terrorists in our jails are treated much more humanly than the ones in US prisons like Guantanamo bay.

Though the rest of the world seems to be at peace with Pakistan’s action against terrorism, they must understand that Pakistan has suffered more than any other country in the war against terrorism. So far alone over forty thousand innocent lives have been lost and a major chunk of our economy destroyed thanks to a group of zealous mullahs who want to impose their own version of Islam over us.

Today Pakistan no longer appears on the map of international travelers, after all who would want to visit the land where Bin Laden was discovered or which is often labelled the epicenter of terrorism.

It is for precisely these reasons that Pakistan has to brutally deal with and eliminate the threat of terrorism for without such drastic measures Pakistan has no future and the global community must understand this.