Pakistan ranked Most Cheapest Country in the World

Despite the fact that Pakistan has a lack of basic facilities such as clean drinking water, electricity and gas, the country was ranked as the cheapest country in the world to live in. It is very surprising keeping in view that most Pakistanis would want to immigrate to other countries.

According to the data compiled by Numbeo for 2018 Mid-Year, the consumer price index (CPI) for Pakistan, with New York set as the baseline, was 22.17, making it the least expensive country to live in, and on the second number, it was India (23.81) and third, Tunisia (24.53).

In 2017 Pakistan was ranked 4th last on the cost of living index.

This data was taken from Numbeo’s 2018 Mid-Year Cost of Living Index which is based on 50 factors such as consumer costs, education, and other lifestyle costs incurred.

As per the rent index, which compares rent with New York as the base, Pakistan was ranked as the third cheapest country in the world with 5.13 points, just behind Egypt 4.71. Nepal was ranked first with 4.35 index points.

The situation within Pakistan also differs from city to city.  In terms of CPI, Lahore is the most expensive with CPI of 26.14 while the least expensive is Karachi with 23.81. In the case of rent index, Islamabad is the most expensive with 7.49 points and the least expensive is Lahore with 5.29.

In terms of groceries index, Karachi is the least costly with 20.65 and Islamabad is the most expensive with the index of 23.45. As per the restaurant index, Karachi is the cheapest with 18.62 whereas Lahore is the most expensive with 23.47 points.

In the case of local purchasing power index, Islamabad stood at 48.81 and Karachi with 36.11 points.

The cheapest countries according to the survey feature are as follows:

1- Pakistan

2- India

3- Tunisia

4- Egypt

5- Kosovo (Disputed Territory)

6- Ukraine

7- Venezuela

8- Uganda

9- Azerbaijan

10- Nepal


Now let’s look at the list of most expensive countries in the world to live in:

1- Switzerland

2- Iceland

3- Norway

4- Luxembourg

5- Denmark

6- Singapore

7- Japan

8- Ireland

9- South Korea

10- Netherlands