Pakistan sixth most dangerous country for a woman, India ranked 1st

Pakistan is ranked as the sixth most dangerous country for women according to a new survey by The Thomson Reuters Foundation.

According to the report, Pakistan has fared the worst in the categories of ‘discrimination’ and ‘cultural and religious violence’. In these two categories, Pakistan has been ranked fourth.

Moreover, in the category of ‘non-sexual violence’, Pakistan is ranked fifth. In ‘sexual violence’ category, which relates to rape and sexual harassment, the survey has ranked Pakistan in the seventh position. And in the category of ‘human trafficking’, Pakistan is in the tenth position.

In 2011, Pakistan was ranked third but now ranking has slightly improved to the sixth position in this year’s survey. According to 2011 survey, Pakistan ranked third because of cultural, tribal and religious practices harmful to women, including acid attacks, child and forced marriage and punishment or retribution by stoning or other physical abuse. At that time, Pakistan’s Human Rights Commission reported that more than 1000 girls and women were victims of “honor killings” every year.

In addition to that, the latest survey shows India as the most dangerous country for women. Other countries on the list include Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the United States. You can check the full list below:

The world’s most dangerous countries for women

According to the survey:

1. India
2. Afghanistan
3. Syria
4. Somalia
5. Saudi Arabia
6. Pakistan
7. Democratic Republic of Congo
8. Yemen
9. Nigeria
10. United States