Pakistan to send its 20,000 soldiers to Qatar

Pakistan government has decided to send the military contingent to Qatar after a similar decision was made by Turkey.

According to the report by Turkey’s state-owned media group, TRT’s Urdu portal, Pakistan is expected to send more than 20,000 soldiers to Qatar.

Earlier, Turkey’s parliament ratified two deals on deploying troops in Qatar and training the nation’s gendarmerie force.

A bill tabled in National Assembly of Pakistan to send 20,000 troops to Qatar, reported TRT on June 9.

After passing the bill in National Assembly, Pakistan urged both groups will find a solution through dialogue.

It is still not clear that the recent decision would impact Pakistan’s role in Saudi Arabia-led military alliance, headed by the retired Chief of Army Staff Gen (retd.) Raheel Sharif.

During last two weeks many Pakistani news websites and part of print media reported that Raheel Sharif was unhappy with the alliance being wrongly used against Iran and other Muslim countries rather than serving its core purpose.

He is expected to resign from the post he took or is going to take, soon and would return to Pakistan.

Mr Shareef, if the words are to be believed, is mulling resignation, and waiting for government’s nod.

It is pertinent to mention here that Pakistan’s PM Nawaz Sharif faced ever so cold and rude behavior of our so-called Muslim brother country, Saudi Arabia, during his latest visit during the US-Muslim summit.

He was treated as ‘nobody’ and wasn’t allowed to speak to the Summit, for which he had reportedly practiced for over six hours.