Pakistani girl Sitara Brooj Akbar sets the world record in IELTS test

CHANAB NAGAR: A Pakistani female student Sitara Brooj Akbar has made a world record in IELTS. She became the youngest female student who have scored 9 out of 9 bands in IELTS test.

Sitara is already the record holder of ‘World’s Youngest Girl to Complete O level’ in chemistry, biology, English, and mathematics between the ages of 9 and 11. This time she made her day in the field of English language. According to first announced result, her score were 8 bands out of 9 but Sitara was sure that there is something wrong with her bands. She applied for reevaluation and after reevaluation it was confirmed that she had actually earned 9 out of 9 bands.

Talking to the media about her future aim, Sitara told that she wants to pursue her career in the field of biochemistry. She wants to research in this field. She want to study abroad because in Pakistan there is law for student to be of 18 years for enrollment in graduate program. While in most of the foreign universities, age requirement is 16 for admission in graduate programs.

After completing her research in biochemistry, she wants to serve her country.