PML-N propaganda against Imran Khan

In a shocking move PML-N, the ruling party has chosen to draft a bill that will make it a criminal offense to criticize politics and politicians online.

Sorry Mian Sahb but this can only be the work of someone who has no respect for basic individual liberties and can’t think beyond their own nose; not one who claims to be a national statesman (like you).

More importantly despite the host of other issues facing the country why does PML-N government find protecting the honor of the Sharif Royal family most important!

And this regardless of the fact that PML-N and its supporters have always been at the forefront of insulting and mocking other political leaders than why is all of a sudden criticizing Nawaz Sharif online becoming a crime in this country.

Real leaders don’t need laws to protect their honor Mian sahb. They build their places in the hearts of the people.

Here are some of the top propaganda pictures that PML-N and its supporters have drawn in the last few months against what can be rightfully termed as its only opposition party’s leader, Imran Khan!  

Imran Khan 1

1. Though there might be some reality to what is shown in the above picture nevertheless PML-N too has declared MQM a terrorist party in the past yet still willingly took them as allies in 1998!

Imran Khan 2

2. Seriously PML-N can you do such propaganda when even distant relatives of the Sharif royal family who hold no official position travel with heavier protocol than this; causing not only great inconvenience to the general public but also wasting millions of taxpayers money.

Imran Khan 3

3. I agree with the maker of this but aren’t these two the senior most leaders of PTI, the party in power in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and don’t they know Imran Khan is a regular consultant for many KPK ministers.

In fact with Khan’s guidance the province’s education ministry has managed to bring out many meaningful reforms which have improved the public schools in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to the extent that they are regarded by many experts as the best public schools in the whole of South Asia.

Maybe this is not such an unforgivable crime compared to the fact that the daughter of Shahbaz Sharif had Punjab police beat up a bakery worker for refusing to sell her cake after the bakery had closed down!

Imran Khan 4

4. What this man has done is definitely condemnable but can N League or its supporters make such propaganda when almost every other minister in the PML-N cabinet turns out to be a relative of Nawaz Sharif. In fact today it won’t be wrong to term PML-N not as representing an ideology or even an agenda but merely the Sharif family of Pakistan!

Imran Khan 5

5. This might be true but him being a sharab farosh was fine when PML-N appointed him as governor in 2013! Why is it a problem now?

Imran Khan 6

6. It’s appreciable to see Nawaz Sharif mingling with the common people finally! However after almost two years in power this is the first time we have seen him do this.

Let’s just hope Mian sahb interacts with the common people more now and it doesn’t take another dharna to wake him up from his usual slumber!

Imran Khan 7

7. Maybe this is true but all politicians do this for perhaps what can rightfully be termed as cheap popularity and Punjab chief minister is the one most notoriously known for this! An ordinary mind fails to fathom why is Chotay Mian sahb accompanying PM on official foreign tours at the expense of taxpayers money even when such tours have nothing to do with Punjab!

Imran Khan 8

8. Though settled in UK, Reham Khan was a woman of Pakistani origin having migrated to UK only after her previous marriage.

Many senior leaders of PML-N including Nawaz Sharif too have lived in UK in the past. Does this make them MI-6 agents too? Not to mention that both Nawaz Sharif and Zardari have billions of dollars’ worth ill-gotten assets stacked up in the west!

Imran Khan 9

9. In this nobody can deny that Khan’s marriage was poorly timed occurring so soon after the great Peshawar tragedy. He should have at least waited till the chelum of the poor kids for his marriage; being the responsible national level leader that he claims to be. No one can defend this!

Imran Khan 10

10. Though rigging in recent elections has never been proven but there is no denial that there were irregularities and people especially in Khwaja Saad Rafique’s constituency in Lahore were shocked to find out in the morning after elections that PML-N had won even though everybody in the constituency seemed to be cheering for PTI and the vote count till night too seemed to be supporting the reality! Nevertheless it was the great Khwaja who stole the day!