Preparing for CSS Exams? Here is Your Best Resource!

There are many CSS academies in the country. I don’t mind academies making profits but the value they provide to the students is minimal compared to the amount of money they charge.

A few lectures with standard notes are not enough. What they should be providing is ‘notes’ that will actually help the students in comprehending the topics and in analyzing the topics. But I don’t completely blame the teachers or the academies.

The lazy students are to be blamed as well, who are looking for shortcuts. There are no shortcuts to achieve success! The students don’t ask questions, they just listen to the teachers, get the notes from them, and ask them to tell which topics are ‘important’ so they can do selective study.

So the teachers give what the students are demanding. They tell them the ‘topics or questions that are more likely to come in the exams i.e. according to their guess. It is just an educated guess and so many times they can be wrong in their assessment.

The lazy students don’t ask the teachers to provide them ‘solved past papers’. They only ask them for the standard notes. So when an analytical question comes in the exam, the students have no clue how to answer it. So, that is exactly why the students should either make analytical notes and solve the past papers themselves if the teachers are reluctant to provide it.

But to provide solved past papers is not easy. It requires effort and time. Same case with providing analytical notes. Hence, the teachers stay in the comfort zone and the lazy students don’t get the maximum out of the money they paid to the academies.

There is no doubt that academies do provide guidance to the CSS aspirants. But as I said, the students are not getting the whole package which they should as they are paying enough money for it.

However, the aspirants need not worry because there is a website that provides solved past papers and analytical notes – free of cost. It won’t cost you a single penny!

Havings said that the website is not complete yet and the information is being updated day-to-day basis. There are solved past papers of US History and English Precis. More solved past papers and analytical notes will be posted there with each passing day. So keep on checking it.

Click here to check the website.