A Preston University Senior Programmer Openly Indulges In Favoritism

It seems that the curse of corruption and nepotism is all set to take out the soul of this country and not even something as pure as education might be spared.

In a shocking story coming from one of the so called high-fi educational institutes of Islamabad, a Preston university senior programmer in charge not only allowed some of the students who had previously been disqualified due to lacking attendance, to take exams but also shamelessly disallowed others who lacked the so called proper connections to do so.

The name of the man who did so was Col (Rtd) Nadeem Ahmed Khan. Shocking how a retired old colonel who carries the reputation of his old institution along with him could behave so.

Even more shocking is that this old Colonel styles himself as an angel in front of his students, who could hardly do anything wrong.

Nevertheless those students who lacked the proper connections (in short were not children of senior bureaucrats, politicians or well-connected businessmen) to sit in their exams, were disgusted with just having wasted a precious year of their academic careers as their so called well connected counterparts with low attendance went to sit in theirs.

This is an alarming situation for a university’s senior administrator, who is supposed to be a role model for others is not only indulging in an open gimmickry of our society’s values but also damaging the careers of so many students around him.

Even a policeman, the so called upholders of law managed to get his relative to the exams in complete disregard of the very thing he is employed to uphold.

Preston University Exposed

Through this article team ViewStorm urges not only the government of Pakistan but also the Preston university high ups to take action against this shameless administrator and bring him justice in the same manner that he serves so many others’ justice.