PTI- MPA Imran Shah suspended for beating up a citizen

PTI has taken action and suspended their MPA Imran Shah for ‘misuse of power’ after a video emerged on social media of him beating up a citizen.

PTI lawmaker was seen in the video slapping a man repeatedly while his guards surround him. He came out of his luxury vehicle and started beating the man named Dawood Chauhan. The video went viral and created a big storm. This created public pressure on PTI to take action against their member.

Imran Shah tried to repair the damage by first defending himself as he presented his own version of event. And then later went to visit and apologize the man he assaulted in the middle of the road in Karachi.

After Imran Shah’s apology, journalists interviewed Dawood and asked him whether he had accepted the apology or not. He replied that in Pakistan one cannot challenge an influential person in courts and that he also doesn’t have the financial means to try to take up the matter and get justice.

Meanwhile, Dawood’s son put up a statement on Facebook, questioning if his father wasn’t friends with Firdous Naqvi, a senior PTI leader, would Imran Shah have come to visit and apologized?

We are yet to hear from Dawood, whether he is satisfied with the suspension of Imran Shah for 1 month or not.