Punjab Government To Shift All Government Schools To Solar Energy

In the wake of worst energy crisis ever to hit Pakistan people are now opting for alternate energy means such as Solar, Wind and Bio-gas. And though we have been behind our neighbors when it comes to renewable energy means but still steps are being taken to encourage people to go for alternate and green energy.

Government of Pakistan has recently exempted the solar panels from import duty and taxes, thus reducing their cost further. And with new solar companies opening up throughout the country hopefully Pakistan too will make fast progress in moving towards a renewable energy powered economy.

The fact that our pathetic policy makers have ignored so far is that Pakistan has one of the most conductive environments for producing solar energy. The sun shines almost throughout the year and the intensity of light is good, perfect for a solar powered economy.

Even the cloudy Europe produces far more electricity through solar panels than Pakistan.

Punjab Governement

Finally even Pakistan seems to have joined the race. The CM of Punjab, Shahbaz Sharif has given approval to shift government schools to solar energy under off-grid solar solution programme.

The Chief Minister said that more than 4000 primary schools of rural areas would be converted to solar energy in the first phase to ensure uninterrupted supply of electricity to primary schools.

The Chief Minister directed that in the first phase, immediate measures be taken for converting primary schools to solar energy while comprehensive planning should also be made for introducing off-grid solar solution in other schools as well under a phased programme.

He directed that medium and long term planning be made for this purpose. He further stated that a practical programme should also be devised for provision of solar home solution to low-income families.

Moreover, he said, a practicable project should be presented to him for converting basic health centres and agricultural tube-wells to solar power.

The Chief Minister directed that a pilot project be evolved for the provision of electricity to rural areas from bio-gas and solar energy and a financial model be developed for generation of energy from bio-gas and Solar power.