Reham Khan’s former husband reveals secrets about their past life together!

As Reham Khan faces a barrage of criticism for her role in the defeat of PTI in Mansehra by-elections, her former husband has been quick to jump onto the bandwagon, revealing many of the secrets of their past life together.

Dr Rehman and Reham were together for 15 years before their divorce in 2006.

Contrary to the general rumours, he reveals theirs’ was not an arranged marriage. It was Reham who proposed to him. “We were sitting at the dining table one evening when she asked why I wasn’t married and I said I hadn’t met the right woman.”

“She looked straight at me and said, ‘The right woman could be sitting in front of you now’,” he added.

Reham Khan Husband
Caught out: Reham Khan’s detractors were even less impressed when she was forced to admit last month that she had embellished her CV, by wrongly claiming to have a postgraduate diploma in journalism from North Lindsey College in Lincolnshire

Dr Rehman continued, “It was not a love match, but she was very attractive and quite bright. I felt she was someone I could live with. I did not even ask for a dowry. But my family gave her so much jewellery that by the time she left me it was valued at about £100,000.”

He further stated that though at first they planned to stay in Pakistan but Reham never liked Pakistan due to the hot weather and had a dislike for the locals (the very people whose first lady she aspires to be today)! On her insistence the family decided to move to UK!

Reham Khan Husband
Dr Rehman, 54, a consultant psychiatrist in Lincolnshire, accuses his former wife of slandering his good name

Reham tried to be a little too controlling at times,  further said Rehman, who eventually grew sick and tired of her constant nagging. “At Asian parties male and females are usually separate but she always found an excuse to be with the men. She also wore very low-cut tops and dresses which were too short.”

“I’m not a narrow-minded person and didn’t expect her to wear traditional clothes, but she often went too far. Many times I had to point this out and she would go ballistic if she didn’t get her way. I just gave in for a quiet life,” he added.

Reham’s former husband said she loved to brag, pretending they spent more money on things than they actually did. “She once bought a dress for $40 while we were on holidaying in America, but told friends it cost $400. She told people we paid £100,000 more for our house and said that our £37,000 car cost £50,000.”

Most shockingly he stated that in 2004 Reham took their children back to their family in Pakistan and refused to come back until he had bought a bigger house for them. As soon as he bought the bigger and more expensive house, Reham filed for divorce, knowing fully well that as per British divorce laws she would get the new house!

“She got everything – all the antique furniture that now graces the home she shares with Imran, £50,000 in cash, half my pension and my children. I was left with nothing but a mountain of debts after the divorce, and a £100,000 legal bill.” This is why it is crucial to have an experienced divorce lawyer from firms like on your side who will ensure that your interests are protected. The divorce lawyer will provide you with the best help they can to assist you throughout the process. Contact the best divorce lawyers Melbourne to guide you in deciding what’s best for your family. You can also talk to a Family in Lawyers Glasgow to assist you with child support and custody. They will also help you divide your property equally.

Immediately after their marriage Reham dragged herself into a controversy by accusing her former husband of domestic violence. Rehman denied the charge and threatened to file a lawsuit against his former wife if she didn’t apologize.

“Reham is completely unprincipled to have made this allegation. I never raised a hand against her, even when provoked by her hysterical attacks on me during our marriage. She’s damaged my reputation just because she wanted people to feel sorry for her,” he said.

“As for me not financially supporting my kids, how on earth could someone in my position working for the NHS get away with such a thing? After the divorce I paid 25 per cent of my £6,000 monthly salary to the Child Support Agency (CSA),” he refuted.

“She continued to claim child benefit and my CSA contribution, even after leaving the country to resettle in Pakistan. I have proof that this went on for more than a year. I certainly paid maintenance for all my children right up to 2014. I would like to see the matter investigated properly by the departments concerned.”

Reham khan family

Today Reham has re-modelled herself as a national Bhabhi and appears to stand side by side with Imran Khan in his quest to bring tabdeeli in Pakistan.

Nevertheless her brand new husband too recently found a reason to ban her from his official life and rumours about the two have been circulating ever since!

Let’s just hope that Reham manages to change herself and be a pillar of strength in the quest of Great Khan to bring a positive change in our country!