Reham launches her role as the first lady of KP with a bang

When Imran married her four months back many marveled at his choice. Some called her a liability for PTI others referred to her wearing shorts (the mullahs of course) yet finally it seems she might be an asset not just for Imran Khan but also for the rest of the country.

Reham Khan is set to don the producer’s hat as she is gearing up to join hands with two local production houses IRK films and Tiger Entertainment to produce a Pashto film on the famous medieval poet Khushal Khan Khattak.

Apart from producing a Pashto film, Reham will also helm an Urdu comedy film. Babar Sheikh, managing partner of Tiger Entertainment and spokesperson of the film projects, quoted Reham as saying, “Film is the only medium through which we can portray the real image of our society to the world.”

“Our aim is to remove all the misconceptions about Pashtuns in society through a light, comedy Pashto film,” Reham said, according to Babar.

According to him, Reham also stated, “The Urdu film is an all-out comedy based on a serious problem that our society is faced with.”

On the question of whether Reham’s experience in broadcast journalism will help her in the filmmaking process, Babar put forth her comments: “As a journalist, I have witnessed firsthand the miseries people face but also their wonderful spirit. I am inspired by Pakistanis and want to show the world who we really are – a loving, generous nation.”

She was reported to have added, “I have travelled to some of the most exquisite yet undiscovered locations [in Pakistan], which I want to showcase in my films. Pakistan needs to be shown in its true light. We have been misrepresented for too long. It’s time to bring our smiles back.”

Bravo Reham, finally we have someone whom we can truly look forward to bring the likes of Jackie Kennedy even here in Pakistan and actually redefine the role of first lady in this country!