Russian cat saves abandoned baby boy

Though humans and animals differ greatly yet when it comes to an innocent little soul maybe they do share a common love.

In a mind boggling story from the Russian town of Obeninsk; shockingly a cat not only took care of a lost baby, gave him room in her basket for warmth but further did not rest until human help had reached and the baby saved from what is unquestionably his parents’ criminal neglect.

This kitty used to live alone in an apartment building supplied by her fellow residents, maybe not unsurprisingly as the Russians’ have always been known for their love for animals.

Kitty not only kept the baby warm using a basket she herself used, she did not stop her meowing until human help had finally arrived. When a women discovered them she was shocked to see the baby unharmed and in a healthy condition. She also discovered a baby bag nearby, further revealing that this might be a case of an abandoned baby.

The lady further observed that such great was the concern of the child’s new furry carer that she did not leave his side until the police and medics had reached and even than tried to follow them into the ambulance. Hours after the baby had left the cat could still be seen waiting.

Police have already started their search for the baby’s parents but for now the residents of Obeninsk have undoubtedly found a new hero, a cat.