Saudi Crown Prince MBS gets admission in National Islamabad University aka PM House

In a piece of historic news, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman (MBS) gets admission in National Islamabad University aka PM House. It was reported in the media that before the arrival of MBS, exercise equipment has been sent to the university.

All the arrangements of setting up a personalized gym for the Saudi Crown Prince have been made. Keeping in mind the well-toned and one-pack physique of MBS, this completely makes sense.

Here is one picture where you can clearly see the amount of effort MBS has put into his physique.

MBS visit to Pakistan - 1

Moreover, according to credible sources, MBS will do Masters in ‘U-turn’ at the prestigious National Islamabad University.

However, students in the university are frightened about the admission of Mr. Bone Saw aka MBS. They are worried that if they score higher marks than him, their fingers will be chopped off like that of Journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

MBS visit to Pakistan - Royal Bone Saw

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Imran Khan was delighted to hear the news of MBS choosing to do his higher studies in U-turns so to become a great leader.

On the other hand, Imran Khan has blamed the previous governments for the cost incurred on 300 Prados booked for the Saudia Crown Prince, 750 rooms booked in 8 different hotels for Saudi guests, and all the expenses spent on providing security to MBS and company.

PM Khan remarked that all of this is the result of the plunder and loot of the previous corrupt leaders. And it has nothing to do with PTI as they are still in opposition.

Imran Khan concluded by reminding everyone that he won the 1992 Cricket World Cup and built the first-ever Cancer hospital in Pakistan. Hence he is an ideal candidate for handling the affairs of a troubled country.

And, “Imran Khan is handsome”, says Mehr Tarar.

(Disclaimer: This piece is a satire)