Savaree: Carpooling and Taxi App

Savaree is a carpooling app with a motto: “Never Ride Alone”. Users can post routes that they plan to travel on or regularly use in order for others with similar routes to join them. To register as a driver/passenger (called “Savaree Captain”) simply by providing your name, email, phone number, CNIC and your route. 

At the moment this carpooling service is only available in Lahore and they have plan to launch it in other major cities very soon. Moreover this app is only available for Android users, has less than 5,000 downloads and reviews on Google Play are average. There are many obstacles in terms of the way things operate in Pakistan (payment platforms, trust etc) that need to be overcome for such a ride-sharing platform to be successful, but the first step towards all of that would be a great app that first-time users are not discouraged by.

ViewStorm recommend this app and is available on Google Play Store for free.