Seven reasons why Zardari might be the coolest dude on the face of this earth

Zardari is a guy who despite having always been embroiled in controversy has managed to remain successful throughout his life.

Maybe the reason for his apparent success in life lies within his brilliant mind which has always ensured he remains on top.

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Here are the seven reasons why Zardari might just be the coolest dude on the face of this earth

  1. A man of high moral stature who never remarried after his wife’s death (though he might have romanced Ayyan Ali and his three American girlfriends for a while).
  2. A dedicated father who always takes his kids on all official tours be they in his capacity as President or de facto CM Sindh.
  3. Though he might just have been the most hated man in the country yet he still managed to remain our President for five years. That shows something.
  4. A master of politics he outwitted all his political rivals and remained true to his slogan ”hum nai 5 saal pooray karnay hain”….. Kudos Zardari.
  5. Though political parties, army and judiciary might all be united against him they remain helpless (once again kudos).
  6. A man of impeccable character… There are only allegations against him. No proofs (kudos again)
  1. He remained true to his slogan of ”Aik Zardari sab pai bhari” as the present state of Pakistan truly exhibits..