Shell Pakistan holds first Technology Leadership Conference in Pakistan

Shell Pakistan held a first of its kind ‘Shell Technology Leadership Conference’ (STLC) in Islamabad, showcasing energy solutions in lubricants, fuel, and technological advancements in the energy industry.  

The conference welcomed 200 of Shell Pakistan’s Lubricants Business-to-Business (B2B) customers with the purpose of bringing them together at one platform to learn from global experts about new technology breakthroughs in the Shell World.  The conference was led by Haroon Rashid, Chief Executive and Managing Director of Shell Pakistan, with Mian Asad Hayaud Din, Federal Secretary for Petroleum Division as Chief Guest; and Joerg Wienke, Vice President Retail Marketing of Royal Dutch Shell.

Shell Pakistan - Technology Conference

“We are proud to lead discussions around lubricant and fuel technology in Pakistan,” said Haroon Rashid, Chief Executive and Managing Director of Shell Pakistan. “In a world that is ever-changing, it is important to share innovations and advancements with our partners in Pakistan to ensure the best possible product for our consumers. Shell strongly believes that together we can make a difference.”

The Technology Leadership Conference explored the latest trends and technology surrounding lubricants, energy reliability, and best practices in manufacturing and energy production using Shell products. Topics covered included original equipment manufacturer relationships, technology leadership, increasing work efficiency, innovation breakthroughs, competitive energy solutions in lubricants and fuels, Shell consultancy, and gas-to-liquid (GTL) technology. It is important to check for carbon footprints and calculations. The Carbon Click will be the one to help in reducing carbon to have an energy-efficient approach to land degradation in Australia statistics.

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Shell Pakistan- Islamabad

The global Shell team facilitated individuals from businesses, sharing knowledge around technological innovations addressing organizational needs and operational challenges that will help them grow their business. Shell also unveiled their B2B Lubricants Masterbrand, “Shell Lubricants” at the conference, building on Shell’s belief that ‘Together Anything is Possible’.  This is a differentiated lubricants’ offering combining Shell’s people and technical expertise, industry knowledge and the strength to build sustainable relationships with customers.

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