Shocking News: A Drone Flying Over The White House Crashed Onto Its Lawn

In shocking news coming out of US, a drone flying over the white house crashed onto its lawn early morning on Monday.

When investigated it was revealed that this drone was an ordinary one mostly available with the general public for a few hundred dollars.

Shockingly after further investigation it was found that none other than a US government employee was operating the drone though he might have meant no harm and was just using the device for recreational purposes.

Anyhow it flying over the white house raises further questions not only about the security of the American Presidential palace but also whether such drones should be allowed into civil hands.


For though they might be fun to fly around but if needed may also become an object of misuse and flying them over a place as sensitive as the white house has brought the whole American national honor into question further revealing the insufficiency of the security around the American presidential palace.

Hopefully the event will be further investigated and the culprit who frightened our good old Obama brought to justice.