Sindh Police apprehends a Madrassa Teacher caught beating kids in viral video

Madrassa’s in Pakistan is a cancer where kids are brainwashed, brutally tortured, and molested. It has become common to see disturbing videos of madrassa teachers beating kids. 

One such video went viral yesterday on social media. The sad incident took place in Sarhandi Noorani Masjid at Masoom Shah Colony in Hyderabad. In the video, we can see the madrassa teacher beating small kids with a hosepipe. While the barbaric man was beating, a sane minded person confronted him.

The guy who confronted the cleric asks the terrified looking kid whether he was beaten for not remembering his lesson to which he says, “I did not come to the madrassah for two days.”

Here is the video.

But the good news is that Sindh Police has arrested the culprit. The detained, identified as Shabir Ahmed was arrested on the grounds of physical violence against his students to which he imparts religious education.

“Shabir Ahmed s/o Ghulam Hussain by caste Ansari r/o Sarfaraz colony. Ghulam Hussain is a Pesh Imam in Sarhandi masjid and Shabir is Hafiz e Quran and teaches Quran-Pak in Sarhandi Masjid Arrested by SHO Cantt. Hyderabad” confirmed the provincial police’ official Twitter handle.

Sindh IG Kaleem Imam had sought a report from SSP Hyderabad regarding an inquiry into the matter and the action taken by the police in this regard.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah has also taken notice of the matter, directing Commissioner-Hyderabad to submit a report.

In order to address issues of violence against children, CM Murad has urged the Education Department to initiate a counseling programme in collaboration with the Council of Islamic Ideology.

“Violence against children is unacceptable at all costs,” he said.

When will the authorities wake up and reform the madrassa system? Will, there be any scrutiny on Madrassahs throughout the country?

Let’s hope the government and the concerned authorities devise a comprehensive plan for dealing with this inhumane, cruel, and barbaric madrassa system; and then implement it as well.