Some ‘Must Have’ Features in Your Call Center Software

Every business strives to acquire more sales and leads to get maximum brand recognition, and in order to do it efficiently, they need to set up a full-fledged call center; which must be equipped with highly advanced call center software solutions for the assured success of their business.

Regardless of the fact which calls center software you are using, and in which country you have set up the business whether India or Philippines; there are lots of important features that every call center must choose. Wondering, which is those features? Let us share some amazing features for guaranteed success.


The Barge-in feature enables you to track or listen the communication of your call center agents with a customer without even their acknowledgment. The whisper feature also helps you coach the agent during their live call about the possible response to the caller without acknowledgment of the caller. The conference feature mainly allows your manager or supervisors to have a conference with call center agent and caller, so your caller can get the needed solution and experience the most professional hierarchy.

Most of the call centers in the Philippines tend to utilize all three features to run the operations successfully. Above all, they also prefer to choose high-quality VoIP which is the main element of smooth communication. This can be done smartly with the help of VoIP provider in Philippines as professional people are more capable to deal with the complexities in short time period.

Pre-defined routing rules:

The best call center solution has multiple routing rules, some of them are described below;

  • Skill-based routing:

This is usually routed to the agent who has the most efficient and relevant skills to resolve the issues and queries in the least possible time.

  • Sticky agent:

The call would be routed to the same agent who has handled the query last time.

  • Advanced call distribution:

Usually, the custom call routing rule is programmed based on your working environment and the overall flow in your business. This advanced call distribution seems to have the great custom routing features that can create a hybrid routing feature.

Live call view:

This is another great feature that usually assures the good performance of your call center agents and your business as well. The live view always provides the most reliable and valuable data which is used to ensure the effective productivity of your agents as well as to take different decisions based on your campaign performance. The supervisors or executives should be furnished with the live call view in order to maintain the operations smoothly.

These are some must-have features in your call center software solution. There are still many more important features like predictive dialers, CRM, auto dialer etc, which every call center should have. These advanced features in your software assure valuable performance of the agent and boosted business. If your call center solution does not have these features, you can consult with the professionals of VoIP Terminator to seek detailed guidance.