Surgical Strike 3: Indian Jet MiG-21 crashes as Indian Players wear Army Caps

In yet another self-inflicted surgical strike, an Indian jet MiG-21 crashed in Rajasthan as Indian Cricket players sport Army Caps.

Some prominent Indian political and strategic analysts are calling this embarrassment as ‘Surgical Strike 3’.

Moreover, a well-known Indian strategic thinker, Major Gaurav Arya has called it a successful retaliatory action as according to him two imaginary F-16s of Pakistan Airforce were downed by the MiG-21 before it crashed.

This event has gained even more importance as Indian Cricket players wore Army caps to give a salute to their ex-captive pilot Abhinandan who praised the Pakistani Army for their professionalism and was grateful to them for the ‘fantastic’ tea.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Modi has vowed to teach Pakistan a lesson by sending Indian pilots to Pakistani territory to carry out surgical strikes and have their jets shot down so to finally have a tasty breakfast in Lahore in the custody of Pakistan Army.