5 reasons why Sidharth Malhotra is the New King of Bollywood!


With all 3 Khans approaching their fifties their era is undoubtedly drawing to an end and Bollywood desperately needs see some new heroes to fill the void. Thus when Student of the Year was released four years ago, it not only provided some desperately needed quality entertainment, it also brought into limelight three new potential future stars of Bollywood.

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Our Bhabhi Sania might just be India’s dumbest women!

sania mirza

When it comes to celebrities internet truly is an unforgiving place and as expected when our dear old Sania Bhabhi lost in the game show, who is smarter than a fifth grader, she was fully lambasted on internet with a former fan styled as Entertainer RJ Ved going as far to post a video of her being dumber than even the previous bimbo of Bollywood, Alia Bhatt.

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