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50 million Facebook accounts hacked

50 million Facebook accounts took over by hackers

EditorSep 28, 2018
Facebook Banned

Facebook should be banned in Pakistan or not

Imran JamilMar 27, 2017
Facebook Graveyard
Tech + Health

Facebook to become world’s biggest virtual graveyard by 2098, predict researchers

EditorMar 8, 2016
Tech + Health

Facebook ready to test Giant drone for Internet Service to remote parts of the world

EditorSep 28, 2015
imran jamil gugu boys

When the blind date goes wrong!

EditorSep 5, 2015
annoying people on facebook
Tech + Health

The most annoying people on Facebook!

EditorApr 12, 2015
facebook legacy contact
Tech + Health

Facebook Adds New ‘Legacy Contact’ For After You Die

EditorFeb 16, 2015

Valentine’s Day Now Is All About Hooking Up, Money And The Chance To Change Your Facebook Relationship Status

EditorFeb 14, 2015
Tech + Health

Facebook, Instagram both down briefly

EditorJan 27, 2015
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Facebook vs Google War

Ekasha NajamOct 19, 2014