Using Middle Finger Emoticons could land you in court

Many people know that if you are caught flipping off, or in other words, showing the middle finger to another person inside the Saudi Arabia, you could very well land yourself in prison. However the legal experts have issued a new warning in which sending an emoticon or emoji, as they are now called, in which a gesture of the middle finger is shown, on any message or social media platform, you could very well get into trouble for that too. The lawyers and Police have also issued a warning after news came that Microsoft will be becoming the first every manufacturer which will allow their users the facility of showing the finger on the latest version of their operating systems. The feature is set to be launched in the Windows 10 Operating System.

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You Can Now Use WhatsApp On Your Computer

WhatsApp On Your Computer

The arrival of WhatsApp was no doubt a breath of fresh air for regular mobile users as for the first time, there could be an exchange of messages, phones and even videos and that too for free. Its features like sending free SMS, images, and videos, ability to share our real-time location with friends and its availability to all Mobile platforms like Android, Windows phone, Symbian, Blackberry, and iOS only make this brilliant new application too great to be resisted.

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