Grounds Of 2015 Cricket World Cup!


Though the departure of Hafeez further lowers our chances in the 2015 world cup yet Pakistanis throughout the country still await the beginning of this event with great enthusiasm for this is going to be the final world cup of both Afridi and Misbah, the last two greats of our team and for their sake and ours, let’s hope the outcome is good.

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Similarities Between 1992 And 2015 World Cup For Pakistan

Pakistan Cricket Team

Yeah, we’ve heard it! There are a lot of similarities between 1992 and 2015 world cup for Pakistan. This time too the world cup is being held in Austrailia, the captain too is a Niazi (wouldn’t be shocked if Misbah joins politics later) and yeah the wicketkeepers are from the same city. Leaving aside that, really?

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Can Pakistan Win This World Cup?


With the best in our team either banned or unfit, Pakistan seems to hardly stand a chance in 2015 world cup! Though PCB may claim that many of the recent incidents were out of their hands yet a sane mind fails to fathom why the board failed to draw up policies in the last four years to ensure that by 2015 the best of our lot will be prepared to battle it out in Australia!

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