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Ayyan Ali is pregnant
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Ayyan Ali is pregnant!

EditorJun 30, 2015
Zardari and Zulfiqar Mirza

Zardari murdered his uncle’s daughter and many more claims Zulfiqar Mirza!

EditorMay 17, 2015
zardari and girlfriends 2

Could Zardari’s Alleged Girlfriends Have Been African American?

EditorMay 10, 2015
zardari and girlfriends

Zardari hosted three of his American girlfriends in Presidency claims Zulfiqar Mirza

EditorMay 7, 2015
Veena Hayat Zardari
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Zardari had Veena Hayat gang raped claims Zulfiqar Mirza!

EditorMay 4, 2015
zardari ayyan ali
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Zulfiqar Mirza catches Zardari red handed in bed with Ayyan Ali!

EditorApr 26, 2015