Angelo Casimiro

Finally folks you can charge your phone with the help of a shoe!

EditorApr 23, 2015
photography app

Professional Photography apps: cash-in your smart phone photos for trading your talent!

EditorApr 22, 2015
annoying people on facebook

The most annoying people on Facebook!

EditorApr 12, 2015

E-Cars fast becoming a reality!

EditorApr 12, 2015
SIM Biometric Verification

How to check if your sim is biometric verified or not

EditorMar 5, 2015

Technology Today – Invading The Minds

EditorMar 2, 2015
facebook legacy contact

Facebook Adds New ‘Legacy Contact’ For After You Die

EditorFeb 16, 2015

McDonalds Finally Loses Its Lure: Sales Drop Worldwide

EditorFeb 15, 2015
foodpandapk Acquired By Food Panda

EditorFeb 6, 2015

Punjab Government To Shift All Government Schools To Solar Energy

Talha MujahidJan 31, 2015