Teefa in Trouble Review: The Biggest Blockbuster of Decade

Teefa in Trouble has infused a breath of fresh air in Pakistani film industry. After waiting for what feels like a decade, it released on July 20, 2018. It has won millions of hearts by making the audience dance with joy, smile with happiness and leave the theatre with a cheerful heart. The entire nation rejoiced with ecstasy after its release as it has broken the conventional shackles in which Pakistani industry was deeply embedded. 

The film is a charming story of a goon (Teefa) who went on a mission to Poland to abduct (Anaya) for Billu Butt (Ahmad Bilal) who is completely out of his social class. Through their journey from Poland to Old streets of Lahore, Ahsan Rahim has presented us with witty dialogues, deft editing, and outstanding topography.

This movie is a compact of laughter, love, comedy, witty dialogues and full-time entertainment. Apart from making us laugh, the director i.e. Ahsan Rahim took us to a roller coaster ride by showing us the beauty of Poland to the Old streets of Lahore where the cinematographer presented us with a breathtaking representation of antique architecture. They made us fall in love again with our relics with such a wonderful visual masterpiece!

This movie couldn’t have been a massive hit without the polished acting of Ali Zafar who from his incredible acting skills made us mesmerized by his flexibility by being able to act as a hero, lover, kidnapper and a good son. The scene in which he is hallucinating with five versions of himself proves he understands the depth of every role been given to him and act accordingly with the same heated passion.

Maya Ali playing the role of Anaya proves herself again by showing her versatility. From her beautiful attire to her artistic expressions, she has won the hearts of many people. She is the epitome of beauty and wits in this terrific movie. Jawed Sheikh playing the role of her father depicts a man who does not forget his roots i.e. Punjabi origin, even after becoming a member of the polish elite class. Mehmood Aslam is a paragon of a comic character who is able to create an uproar of laughter among the audience through his realistic dialogue delivery and acting skills.

This movie does not only possess a strong storyline, but also its vocals are a piece of cake for us. It has refrained itself from inculcating vulgarity which is now a part and parcel of almost every movie. Every song is beautifully sung and “Sajna Door” has such charismatic choreography which cannot be forgotten for a lifetime. It is the embodiment of peace, love, beauty, and nature.

I personally liked this movie a lot, as it is aligned with Pakistani culture and takes us back to the heights of glory witnessed during the era of ‘Family Front’ and ‘Ainakwala Jin’. With such compactness, it is no doubt; this movie is going to be a blockbuster of Pakistan of this decade.