The day I went to PTI Dharna

‎The country is going through a strange phase; people are going against the so-called oppressors. Not a political person myself but I felt obliged to bring about a change, a change that people are so optimistic about, so I went to the dharna because my friends were so upbeat about it but also the fact that I had nothing better to do, so I thought why not go, it would make my friends happy and it would portray me as a patriotic person plus I felt it was better than to stay at home doing nothing, why not be a part of a historic process.
‎I never expected it to be a large gathering but what I experienced was long line of cars and traffic jam but what came after was pleasing to say the least, we reached the place of the gathering and were surprised to see a large portion of the female gathering. It wasn’t just a female gathering but one of the elite to say the least. I instantly felt that I had made the right decision to go. Females of every age group were visible in the gathering cheering their leader and I if not the majority of the people were cheering the ladies on. I imagined what I would have done sitting home and here I was amidst the bold and the beautiful. I just delved in to the environment and enjoyed the scene that was on display. I never thought there would be so much girl power packed into a gathering but who was I to complain, in people’s eyes I was out on a Nobel mission to save the nation but upon reaching the sense of patriotism vanished and my inner instinct of being a male kicked in.
‎And was I able to overcome the feeling, it doesn’t seem right to say but I couldn’t. I got to experience the beauty that Islamabad had to offer, we saw a variety of female species ranging from short to tall, the glamorous to the simple. While I got mesmerized by the glamour, simplicity had its own charm and I divided as to whom to stalk. The funny thing I imagined was what if the females were viewing the youth the same way that we were, the brain overwhelmed by such ideas, what if a female was checking me out, and it would always be a ‘what if’ because there is simply no way of knowing but just for the sake of the happiness of the heart there was no harm in imagining.
‎So the time came for the leader to make an appearance amidst huge roars and slogans from the public and it make the environment more electric, just when I thought there wouldn’t be any more shocks there were such was my experience of going to the dharna, and as all good things have to come to an end so was my experience and it wasn’t because I actively participated in slogans and activity regarding the welfare of the state but because my manly appetite was filled. Could I have been better off at home, most definitely not. People ask how was the experience and I am forced into saying patriotic and when they say did you agree with what the leader and the public had to say I again have to say yes because the truth cannot be told openly, that I am in no way a patriot and I certainly didn’t have my attention on what the leader had to say, I had better things on my mind *wink*