The desi comicstar

Majority of the people would have heard or read about Arslan Naseer the founder of Comics by arslan. What started out as a simple jig towards real life scenarios has been the source of stardom? I remember seeing a face book page by the name of comics by arslan in which he showcased his art as well as portray a picture of the society in a sarcastic way and today he has a website, thousands of likes on face book and more or less the same amount of followers on twitter.

The point is what makes his comics special, the answer being reality masked in deep witted humor and sarcasm. He deals with social problems that are hard to digest when dealt with directly so he cleverly uses sarcasm and humor to put forward to the people so that they get the message which is supposed to be hidden but quite easy to decode once you go through it.
The comics are appealing because they are comics and there are only a few in this world who don’t love the animated strips and plus the fact that they have a message and are reality based. Talking in terms of the fact that are these comics the next big thing, it depends on how the creator of the strips thinks about the scenarios, with the social media and a dedicated website he has a large audience that he can cater to. He can reach a global audience if he focuses hard enough but will he be able to manage and come up with material that attracts the people, only time will tell but as for now the future seems bright and with greater prospects every passing day. If his creativity and observation doesn’t haunt him we can expect the comic strips to be a national phenomenon. As of now are these comics the next big thing, people would have mixed reviews but criticism is a proof that you are doing something noteworthy. Comics by Arsalan the next big thing? Probably yes but only time has the power to tell if the claim that we are making today is true or not.