First Video Games Magazine launched by Pakistani Startup

A Pakistani startup has recently launched a video games magazine website “The Gamers Magazine”. This website provides news about games, movies, anime and other related topics.

The Gamers Magazine - LOGO

The Gamers Magazine website features latest updates on Video games, Movies, Anime, Manga and Mobile applications. These days video games have become a big part of our society, whether it is on mobile or on the big TV screen (PC/Console), everyone loves to play.

It is recently launched by Sheikh Own-ur-Rehman and Abdulmoiz Ali. They’ve been playing video games for several years and they’ve written hundreds of reviews and articles about the gaming industry. We asked them that how did they come up with this idea and here’s what they said:

Team TGM

“In Pakistan, it takes a lot of time to understand the difference between pirated games and original games; because we’ve been buying pirated games since our childhood without even knowing that it is stealing. Because of this past experience, our people in Pakistan rarely follow official articles and reviews of video games. Therefore, we have decided to build a platform where we can deliver complete information and create a professional society of gamers in Pakistan.”

In addition to that, there are many other popular websites like IGN, Gamespot, Kotaku etc where you can read the latest news about games.

Team TGM is also looking for writers who have good knowledge of video games. If you want to become a part of it, you can contact them. This is not a paid job, they’re gathering people who love to write about games as a hobby.

Topics you can write on this website are:

  • Video Games (PC & Consoles)
  • Technology (News & Reviews)
  • Anime (Questions & Reviews)
  • Manga (Questions & Reviews)
  • Movies (Reviews)

You can drop them a message on their facebook page and there might be a chance that you can become a part of their startup.