Top 10 Perks For Employees

Be it a sperm freeze or an in office massage, the employers of today will stop at nothing to grab the finest employees in the market. For the employees of today, particularly those that fit into the best of the best category demand much more than just a salary. Here’s the list of top 10 perks quiet recently introduced by employers to recruit the best employees;

1. Free helicopter rides


Who wouldn’t like a nice, long comfy ride just at the end of a long and tiring week? Well if you are competitive enough to land yourself in one of the fortune 500 than this might no longer be a problem.

2. Video game packed lounges


A need for speed in the middle of the lunch hour, maybe not a bad option.

3. In office massage facility


Who can resist a relaxing massage during a tough day’s job? Especially if you are a top notch employee.

4. Team trips to Hawaii


A little break after a long work spell, not bad, especially if it means a free trip with your other workaholic colleagues.

5. Discounted Skiing


SOME free skiing might just light up your Christmas though making it completely free wouldn’t have bankrupted the boss you know!

6. Free university courses


If you are of the nerdy lot or want to genuinely gain more knowledge or groom your personality than this one might not be a bad choice though most regard it as crazy.

7. Freeze your eggs or sperms

We won’t post the pictures here for reasons we hope you understand but still not bad for parents who want to focus on their careers for the time being.

8. Care workers for ageing relatives


Maybe if an old or sick relative becomes a stumbling block to your performance than this might be the answer.

9. Fully stocked office Kitchens


How can one resist the bite of his favorite food in the middle of a hard day? That’s the point and now employees can order anything they like at any time they want.

10. Paid maternity leave for Dad’s?


What kind of a dad wouldn’t want to spend more time with his kid and wife especially if they are entering a new phase of life? Maybe not a bad option.