Top 10 Richest People in Pakistan 2015

Wealth certainly brings a lot of benefits. From fashionable cars to a trophy wife, from private jets to an island in Hawaii, all seem to be a part of the package one gets from being fabulously rich.

Though Pakistan lacks the likes of Richard Branson or Donald Trump, we too have our own share of billionaires and if modesty be set aside; our wealthiest lot are among the most successful businessmen in the world. The following Pakistanis make to the top ten list:

1. Shahid Khan:

Shahid Khan

Net Worth : $ 5 Billion

This genius and charismatic businessman has a style and a personality cult of his own. Though he made his billions by selling car bumpers his recent move to acquire the American football team NFL, has ensured his inclusion in the list of the celebrity businessman. Shahid Khan with a whopping net worth of $5 billion is rated as the richest Pakistani.

2. Mian Muhammad Mansha:

mian muhammad mansha

Net Worth : $ 5 Billion

Through sheer hard work and absolute devotion to his job, Mian Mansha has established himself as one of the leading industrialists of Pakistan in the last three decades. Today from textiles to dairy, he seems to have a foothold in almost every business sector of Pakistan with an estimated net worth of almost $5 billion.

3. Asif Ali Zardari:


Net Worth : $ 1.8 Billion

Though many believe him to be the richest, Forbes disagrees and places our beloved Mr. ten percent, Asif Ali Zardari at number 3 on the richest Pakistanis list. No surprises here. For obvious reasons his net worth remains a mystery.

4. Anwar Pervez:

Anwar Prevaiz

Net Worth : $ 1.6 Billion

The graceful and hardworking British Pakistani, Sir Anwar Pervez has managed to raise himself from a mere bus conductor six decades ago to a business giant in both Britain and Pakistan. His net worth is estimated to be around $1. 6 billion.

5. Mian Nawaz Sharif:

Nawaz Sharif

Net Worth : $ 1.4 Billion

Not to anybody’s surprise our sweet old Mian sahb retains the number 5 position. Though to be fair, he was born in a filthy rich family and had been a business giant even before entering politics. Nevertheless his true net worth too remains hidden for obvious reasons.

6. Sadruddin Hashwani:

Sadruddin Hashwani

Net Worth : $ 1.1 Billion

No doubt a trend setter in the business world, Mr Hashwani too through sheer hard work has established a billion dollar business empire in the last two decades. Thanks to him today we have the likes of PC Bhurban to pass our weekends in. He too is estimated to be a part of the billion dollar club Pakistani club.

7. Malik Riaz:


Net Worth : $ 1.1 Billion

The founder of Bahria town is an example of how a man through absolute hard work turns around his fortunes. From being a lower middle class contractor just two decades, today he has established one of the biggest housing projects in the history of South Asia, truly setting a bar for others to follow in the real estate business. Though many believe him to be wealthier Forbes lists him as the ninth richest Pakistani with a worth of almost a billion dollar.

8. Nasir Schon:


Net Worth : $ 1 Billion

The CEO of Schon properties is a considered a pioneer in the world of real estate and has established himself as a business giant in both Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. No doubt an inspiration for all aspiring billionaires his net worth nears a billion dollars.

9. Abdul Razzak Yaquob:

Abdul Razzak Yaquob

Net Worth : $ 1 Billion

The founder of ARY started his career four decades ago in the jewelry market and slowly worked his way up. This brilliant Dubai based businessman truly revolutionized television industry in Pakistan through his establishment of the ARY media group.

10. Tariq Saigol:

Tariq Saigol

Net Worth : $ 850 Million

The Saigol dynasty is known for establishing empires and this man is no different; with an estimated net worth hovering around a billion dollars he truly has kept up his family name.