What will be the Impact of Naya Pakistan on the Real Estate Market?

Since the past 2 years Real Estate sector has been experiencing a slump due to various reasons. The most significant reason is the deteriorating situation of the economy and some of the government’s ill policies.

As we can see that a new government is about to take over, our hopes are high and we expect the new Finance Minister (Mr. Asad Umer) brings friendly policies for real estate sector to bring back the confidence of the real estate investors. And properly educate the Realtors about the benefits of being a tax payer and hence working together for the betterment of the economy. However, are you also wondering how to become a real estate agent? If you are, then you can do an extra research on how you can make it.

As soon as the elections have come to an end we can see positive vibes coming from the market. The stock exchange market is going up and the dollar is coming down and settling.

These are all good signs and this would affect the real estate market positively.

Imran Khan has always been a favorable candidate and choice of Overseas Pakistanis and as the election results have turned out the people within Pakistan have also put their trust in him. It is expected that a lot of overseas investment will now flow into Pakistan and especially in the real estate sector.

With all these new developments this would be the right time to invest in the real estate market as the rates are almost at the rock bottom and we can see the downward activity in the market as well. All these signs contribute to the fact that in the coming times the real estate market will grow and the prices will start to go upwards.