Bazid Khan – The Worse Cricket Commentator

Listening to Bazids cancerous commentary is the worse thing in cricket. It is hazardous for your ears and might even lead to deafness.

Bazid Khan’s Cancerous Commentary

Bazid Khan is the king of Cricket commentary, he can make the most thrilling match situation into the dullest. His voice can turn the most tolerant and patient person into fits of anger. If you naturally have a bad voice then at least you should try to make it up with other things or just stop being a commentator. A commentator’s job is to make the viewing more exciting and enjoyable.

Whereas in Bazid’s case, his job is to make it as hard as possible for the viewer to watch the match. There are other poor commentators but as I follow Pakistan Cricket more I may not have heard them. And as Bazid Khan has been commentating in series involving Pakistan so for the horrible commentary I have endured,  I rank him the worst ever.