Which Bottled Water is the Best to Drink in Islamabad?

There was a time when no one even heard of “bottled water” in Pakistan but now there are hundreds of purified water companies operating. But only a few are safe to drink and many have been declared unsafe and unfit for human consumption.

According to my liking and experience, below is my ranking of bottled water available in Islamabad:

5- Murree Sparkletts:

Murree Sparkletts is a brand of Murree Brewery. My experience of drinking Murree Sparkletts hasn’t been a good one-their bottled water has caused upset stomach a few times. Also, the taste of the water is not to be liked. But as it has not been declared unsafe, it is comparatively better than other purified water brands.

4- Dasani:

It is a brand of bottled water from the Coca-Cola Company. It is one of many brands of Coca-Cola bottled water sold around the world. Dasani has been newly launched in Pakistan and from the few times I have tried it, the water tastes okay. It is important to mention here that it is a highly controversial product as it was banned In UK. And Dasani also wanted to launch in Europe but failed to do so due to its bad publicity.

3- Aquafina:

Produced by PepsiCo, Aquafina’s purified water tastes a bit different. Although, not in a good way. It is pure water and tastes fine. I have drunk it a few times but as I was used to drinking Nestle, I preferred to not switch to Aquafina.

2- Nestle Water:

Nestle considers itself as the leading water brand in Pakistan. While it may be the leading brand but it is a bit too light for my liking. Taste is fine and the water is pure too. But due to its lightness, I have at times experienced constipation.

1-Ripple Water:

Ripple Water Company was founded on May 16, 2007. It is one of the leading water companies in Pakistan, known for its high quality and fresh taste. While all the 5 listed companies in this article have been declared safe for consumption, I found Ripple to be the best, the reason being its suitability with my body. So far, I haven’t experienced any ill effects while drinking Ripple and comparatively it has been my best experience. So, therefore, my vote for the best-purified water goes to Ripple.


I have shared my experience with the different bottled water companies. Everyone’s body is different and so your experiences might be completely different from mine. So feel free to give your opinion and your ratings.