Why Bahria Town is the only safe and good investment in Pakistan?

As the Pakistan Real Estate market is growing, we are seeing countless housing societies being launched in Pakistan. Now every other person who has a big piece of land starts developing his own society and somehow gets permission to do so with or without the approval of local development authorities. However, the problem is that there is no standard of housing societies. They just focus on selling plots and making money. No proper infrastructure such as roads, hospitals or other basic services is taken into account to provide the residents or investors any kind of safe return. As a result, most of such projects fail to deliver.

In Pakistan, there are quite a few societies that are actually worthy and one of the best I came across was Bahria Town.

Bahria Town is one of the largest housing Societies in Pakistan and one of the most planned society. It is so well planned that one can easily roam around Bahria Town with just a map. This master planned society provides you high living standards you can dream of. Once you enter Bahria Town you get the feeling of being in a developed country. All credit goes to Malik Riaz who made this society from scratch. You can find all the facilities within the Bahria Town such as Hospitals, Schools, Restaurants, and state of the art cinemas and much more.  Most importantly there is no Load Shedding in Bahria Town which in Pakistan is one hell of a problem.

Coming towards my personal experience with Bahria Town. I recently bought a plot in Bahria Town Rawalpindi and thought of sharing this experience. First I did extensive research on housing societies and I decided to go for Bahria Town. My research was not over here, there were dozens of housing schemes in Bahria Town to choose from. In addition to that, there were thousands of agents available in the market but quite a few over the internet. I was not counting Zameen.com because it does not guide you through best options it’s just an online portal where everyone can post ads. Therefore for a safe investment, you actually need an experienced real estate agent to guide you through, take you to visit different housing schemes and make the right decision. I saw quite a few websites online but most of them were incomplete and they didn’t even respond back to my emails. Then I came across a website; Berq Properties which was comparatively better. It had all the information that I needed. The best part was that they were really helpful in guiding me step by step. Besides, the initial good experience they were also really good in after sale services. And finally, I ended up buying a plot in Bahria Orchard Rawalpindi. I hope this article helps you if you are looking to invest somewhere. I highly recommended Berq Properties as they were highly professional and helpful.