Why customers/photographers should join Shutter Valley

Shutter Valley is a new photography startup which provides a platform for both customers and photographers.

Have your camera lying around and wish to earn some extra bucks? Sign up on Shutter Valley and start your negotiations with your first client today! Have your wedding in a few days? Need to plan the bridal shoot, event coverage and other special features like drone filming?  Do you want to diversify your risk and choose different photographers to cover the event? Worry not! Shutter Valley is there to give you a vast choice that you can pick and choose from.

  • Photographer’s catch

Shutter Valley is the perfect website for photographers. This is because of the unique features that it offers. When a photographer registers, they add their basic information and contact details which make it easier for the customers to get in touch with you. Shutter Valley gives the photographers not just an avenue to showcase their skills but a mass audience as well. It also gives them the option of getting quotes or budget estimates, then customizing a package for different clients according to their specific requirements over the website itself.  Finally, a quotation is dashed out to the client who then agrees or disagrees.

  • Greater competition fosters greater learning

It allows all photographers to scan the portfolios of other registered photographers. This will boost the competitive spirit of the photographers and a motive to keep doing better work. It keeps creativity a live and ideas fresh. To encourage learning and actual development of the photographer, we also plan on incorporating online trainings and workshops that will help the efficient, well-renowned and skillful photographers to train the amateurs. Money for the professional and skill for the amateur, a win-win situation.

  • Customers’ hook

The basic problem for customers that Shutter Valley aims to solve is that of awareness and choice. What if you find out after the big day that there is a photographer that offers special Bollywood inspired shoots for weddings or birthdays and you didn’t even know? What if you go back looking at photos of yourself wishing you knew so you could strike the DDLJ pose in your flawless wedding dress? It’s time to let go of all such fears. With our extensive directory and elaborative portfolios that mention customized services, and also have pictures uploaded, you’ll have a choice to never miss out on your preferences again.

  • No more compromises

People sometimes have extremely specific requirements especially with their couple photo shoots as they are a once in a lifetime memory. If they have limited choice, they will choose the best among them. However, they will be compromising on something. If they have vast choice the best will be even better, both in terms of quality and budget.

Not everyone has generous money to spend on photo shoots or even on weddings. However, everyone wants to capture their most memorable moments perfectly and Shutter Valley makes it all possible. You can easily find a photographer that falls in your budget and gives you most of the services that you require. Even if the budget is strict, customers will have a greater number of photographers to choose from which gives them an edge while negotiating.