Why Goris make better brides than desi girls!

Before you lose your temper here with your nationalism rekindled after reading the title let me defend my argument here. Our beloved desi girls are perfect in every sense of the word and seeing the high rate of successful marriages in our society they definitely make ideal wives.

Nevertheless there are reasons folks, there are reasons and here we lay down ten main reasons why Goris make better wives than desi girls

  1. Goris are more romantic than desi girls

Ah, yeah. As sad as I feel about this, this is absolutely true. Maybe that’s because our ideals come from dramas such as Humsafar and Dolly ki Aaygi Barat and they just are not the romantic types

  1. Umm, they care a damn about the ‘unimportant’ people of the society, and well, we couldn’t agree with them more

Unlike our desi girls who maintain grudges for years to come about what Phupo might have said, Goris simply don’t bother!

  1. Unlike many of our desi girls who prefer to stay at home goris love to travel abroad and travelling is one of their favourite past times

And who in this world doesn’t love to travel? Gori is the girl!

  1. You both will never run out of topics to talk about, just talk about each other. On and on and on.

Just talk about yourself, your cultures, religion, and family and by the time you’ll know, you are more than a year into the relationship. YAY.

  1. Running into your exes? Naah. Tension free

After you’ll part ways, you never going to bump into each other coz you’ll stay far across the borders. Unlike of course our good old desi girls who might just freak out

  1. They are the ‘key’ to tasting amazing, exotic cuisines.

They’re pretty good at cooking as they mostly stay away from their family. So they’ll definitely know something tasty to cook. Therefore no need to go for the monotonous centuries old desi cuisines cooked by our desi girls

  1. They let you have your own space

Unlike our dear desi girls who are likely to peep into your mobile phones and laptops, goris let you have your own space and normally don’t indulge in such peeping

  1. They are not over protective or close minded. They keep you free!

Unlike desi girls who freak out if you are not at home by eight, goris normally stay calmer

  1. There are your best guide to learning a new culture and you can await amazing foreign gifts at each anniversary

Yeah, the ‘western culture.’ And beware, you going to absolutely love that and those gifts ofcourse

  1. Though not a ‘major’ reason, citizenship is always at the back of your mind, isn’t it?

Umm, you may have not thought about the kids yet, but citizenship? Definitely.