Why London is the best place to spend your Ramadan in!

London is a place which people from all four corners of the world are able to call a home. It is a place where diversities are welcomed and multi-ethnicity is a norm.

Even for Muslims around the world, this great city in the heart of Europe embodies everything they wish to see in their traditional homelands from freedom to peaceful co-existence. Here is why London is the coolest place to spend Ramadan in.

  • Sense of community among Muslims is strong: In London most Muslims in Ramadan try to facilitate their fellow Muslims as much as they can. From laying out Iftars to selflessly helping others in their pursuit of selflessness, such unity in this holy month might not be found anywhere else
  • Weather is cooler: And living here in this extreme heat in Pakistan we all know what a big blessing that is.
  • It’s a hub of Ramadan tourists from around the world: In fact at Selfridges (London’s top shopping place) the number of women wearing hijabs almost outnumbers other customers. A great place if you want to hang out with Muslims from around the globe.
  • It has become a summer spot for Gulf Arabs: If your idea of hanging out means befriending Arabs and indulging in their sort of fun than this might be a great place to spend summer Ramadan in.
  • Though the fast is long (19 hours to be precise) it’s still cooler there: That’s why even though fast maybe long but Londoners are able to fulfill their religious obligations easily without much of a problem.
  • London shopping is the best in the world: Undoubtedly London is the best place in the world if shopping is your passion and with the influx of millions of Muslim tourists in summers, Muslim segment of London shoppers is highly catered to
  • London is best if you are a food lover: From Punjabi Payis to Turkish Shawarma, from Spanish Fideuà to Bengali Maach everything is top notched when it comes to London.
  • A peaceful city with hardly any violence: London is the place if you want to lead a summer Ramadan vacation free from the mental disturbances plaguing you in your homeland.
  • And if you are a lover of natural beauty and want some quiet time to ponder over in the holy month than London is the place: You’re never far from a park in London for it has more green space than any other major city on earth. Other cities would kill to have a haven as beautiful and peaceful as Hampstead Heath. It’s basically the countryside. And you can even swim in the ponds.