Why Do Pakistanis Drink Coffee?

Coffeehouse culture is trending in Pakistan, It has already trended but it is rapidly growing, why is the question that comes to mind.
In the past even in Pakistan, there were traditional bars that operated within the capitals of all the provinces and it provided the people an opportunity to get drunk, feel at ease, unwind after a tough day and to spend some time with friends or alone to reflect on our own.
This is what the coffee houses are doing right now, although alcohol isn’t commonly available nor can be it consumed in a public place it does provide us with a place to spend time, first it was Sheesha that was lit to pass the time now the attraction of coffee has taken its place. The sudden rise in popularity is also because now the people are aware of the consumption of coffee and know the difference between a homemade cup in comparison to the large variety available outside. Professionals come in and have coffee and a late breakfast and go on their way.
What has made all the coffee houses a success is their environment, you can eat lavishly or just enjoy a cup of coffee and just enjoy the ambiance. You can go alone, go with the family, friends and obviously on a date. A café is the safest option to take someone you like for an outing, such as the range of people that it appeals to. A lot of competition means that all the coffee houses are maintaining their standard in order to survive in this world and everyone has to have a specialty in particular so that people go for that particular thing. A lot of coffee houses are not really renowned for their coffees but their side menus such as steaks and sandwiches. Some coffee houses are only known for their ambiance and overall visual pleasure that you experience going there. A place these days for everyone is a coffee house, the reason why they have gained so much success as a brand. The top cities started this trend and now every city has at least one coffee house of note that people can go to.

A coffeehouse is a place where all can be there without having any trouble of being judged, it wasn’t the case with bars and that is precisely why people have accepted the trend with utmost enthusiasm.