Why Pindi boys are cooler than their Isb counterparts!

Pindites and Islamabadis have long been embroiled in a rivalry of whoz better than who… Here we lay out a few facts about why Pindi boyz might just be better than their Isb counterparts:

1. They date desi girls.

desi pindi girl

2. They are less nerdier than the Isb boys (come on folks have we ever heard of a Pindi boy topping in board exams, its always girls who steal the day; something to be proud of).


3. They are fitter than Isb boys and work out more often than their nerdy counterparts in Islamabad.


4. They eat out at local eateries (think global not local but eat local not global, your culture is at stake here).

pindi food

5. They even drive local not global (normally locally manufactured bikes instead of Isb boys who believe in driving posh cars as a status symbol).

pindi biker boy

6. Moreover they even wear local not global (Pindi boys would normally go for shopping at traditional Saddar rather than Isb boys who prefer the imported stuff at Centaurus).

centaurus mall

7. They might not be cooler by the majority but they certainly are less Papuuer than their Isb counterparts.