Donald Trump Muslim

I am a Muslim and I would vote for Trump

Zeeshan UsmaniSep 21, 2016
Abdul Sattar Edhi passed away

Renowned humanitarian Abdul Sattar Edhi passes away

EditorJul 8, 2016

‘Afghan American’ shooter kills 50 in US nightclub

EditorJun 12, 2016
Orlando Shooting

Orlando: 50 dead in gay nightclub shooting

EditorJun 12, 2016

Transgender activist succumbs to injuries after being shot multiple times in Pakistan

EditorMay 25, 2016
Transgender activist

Transgender activist critically injured after being shot multiple times in Pakistan

EditorMay 23, 2016
Mass Grave Pakistan

Pakistan Is Digging Mass Graves For Heat Wave Victims

EditorMay 21, 2016

India’s founding father Gandhi was ‘Gay’ and Indian Government is now trying to hide it

Jawad JamilMay 21, 2016

Supreme Court orders probe into wife-swap by naval officers

EditorMay 13, 2016

You can rape a girl for 1200Kgs of wheat in this Pakistani village

EditorMay 9, 2016