Worst childhood rumours kids actually believe in!

Childhood is the best part of a person’s life, a time when a person can truly have fun happy in the knowledge that Mommy and Daddy will take care of everything. However it is also that time when a person’s innocence is at its peak and he actually believes in some of the rumors he hears around him though they might be completely unrealistic! Here are some of the worst childhood rumors that kids actually believe in!

  1. Me: Where did I come from?

Dad: Your mom and I got you from a dustbin in the streets.

  1. If you kiss you get pregnant!
  1. One day, at night, God came and gave you to Mommy. That’s how you were born.
  1. When we wanted you, we ordered you and got you through post office a few months later
  1. Sunil Shetty & Shilpa Shetty are siblings.
  1. If you got slapped in one chick? you won’t get married in future unless you got in the other too
  1. All the people are brothers and sisters
  1. That the actors and actress were actually singing songs with their own voices, in a cinema.
  1. If girls eat conjoined fruits then you will produce conjoined babies
  1. Girls who keep themselves clean get good looking husbands
  1. Playing FLAMES can determine your #relationship status with anyone.
  1. If you swallow bubble gum your anus will close up
  1. If you head hits somebody else’s, you will grow horns.
  1. If you eat the seed of a fruit, a tree will grow inside your stomach
  1. If someone crosses over you lying down, you won’t grow tall
  1. Board exams ke baad life set hai
  1. Study hard, get a job and your life will be fine
  1. Honesty is the best policy
  1. When train runs over a coin it turns into a magnet.
  1. An eraser has the ability to rub off ink too